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Alu tape:
This is a reflective tape that sticks only on one side. You can use and order this in a width of 5 cm to cover a split or to tape foil to another material like tubes.

Tissue tape:
This is a double sided (heat resistant) tape where the carrier is a tissue, so you can easily tear the tape without the use of a knife or scissors. It is used where you stick the foil to another foil or another smooth surface like metal (radiator).

Foil Glue:
TONZON foil glue is a special glue with water as solvent, so it is save to use it indoors. You should not use the glue wet but you have to let it dry first. When the water is gone the surface will be sticky for a very long time, so no need to hurry. Only dust will decrease. Foil glue is used to get an airtight connection in roofs and wall insulation and sometimes for some details at floor insulation. It is also used to insulate bathtubs that have a rough surface where the double sided tape will not stick. When applied on wood it is recommended to give a priming first so the wood will not suck up too much glue. If the surface is primed you will need for every square meter about 50 till 100 ml (depends on the roughness). So for roof insulation to make a strip of 10 cm beams self-adhesive you can make 75 till 150 meter beam self-adhesive with a pot of 750 ml. For wall insulation with 100 ml you can make about 25 till 50 m outline self-adhesive is you would make a strip of 4 cm self-adhesive.

Foil strengtheners:
The basic material of the Thermo cushions and the Thermo sheet is a very strong foil. However on the spot where you perforate the foil, it will be vulnerable when you pull. Therefore the foil will be locally reinforced with a foil strengthener. A tear proof plaster you put on the foil. When you have to fold the foil (Thermo cushion) the plaster also have to be folded so you need the normal size. If you do not have to fold the foil (Thermo sheet) the foil strengthener can be smaller so you choose the small version.

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Items 25-27 of 27 total